Coaching Overview


This is time dedicated to you, for your healing, where you’re supported to create the sexual, relational and empowered life you deserve.

My coaching is somatic, soulful, heart based and transformative. I guide you into body-sensing, to restore boundaries, to reclaim choice, power and freedom.

My role is to guide or coach you, as you learn to stay present to your internal experiences - of sensation and emotion - memory and primal impulse.


It’s about no longer just going along with others and what they do to you or tell you to do, its no longer going along with your old conditioned patterns, but becoming more connected to yourself, your deeper fuller body~mind~heart~spirit~self, in every moment, especially the highly charged moments, and being able to choose what’s most true for you, and to trust it.

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When we feel safe enough to meet the old embodied emergency responses that got stuck in our bodies - trauma resolves. When we start with your health - with what feels alive and well - then you feel resourced to meet difficulty with no need for force or pushing but with gentleness and going slowly- then the magic happens. Together we can listen to your body's story of the trauma somatically unravelling, and your system learns to regulate as you feel one drop at a time, and recover a grounded spaciousness within.

Women’s Pelvic Health

Each session is designed for you to develop a new relationship with your pelvis, to look at ways in which you can more towards balance and wholeness and away from symptoms and pelvic pathologies such as cysts, fibroids, challenging menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness or other conditions associated with the perimenopause/ menopause transition.

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Vaginal Steaming

After completing the vaginal steaming intake form, I'll assess your suitability for steaming, what type of steaming set up you need and what herbal formula we will use for your session.

You will sit on the vaginal steam sauna, with  herbs in a water pot underneath, letting the steam rise gently into your vagina and up to your cervix and womb. This is time for you to leave your busy day behind you and to relax into receiving the healing benefits of the herbal steam.

Couple’s Coaching

All couples face challenges at some point in their relationship

Coaching is for couples wanting to:

  • explore effective ways of communicating
  • discover new ways of engaging  sexually
  • deepen into intimacy
  • heal and transform their wounding by shifting from blaming and shaming
  • move from co-dependent patterns of relating to choosing to be together
  • ultimately create a healthy relationship that serves love


I work with women and their partners.

practitioner mentoring Catherine Hale

Practitioner Mentoring

Are for male and female practitioners who work in the areas of: body-work, Tantra, energy healing work, physiotherapy and other healing professions.

  • 1:1 sessions on Zoom or in person
  • Ongoing or one off support
  • Mentoring specifically for your learning needs
  • Taught using embodied practices, energy work, and body work where appropriate
  • Using the latest research from the fields of trauma and neuroscience