If you're seriously committed to taking your life and work to the next level - then one of my coaching programs is probably right for you.

I'm Catherine Hale an accomplished embodied trauma resolution coach, educator and guide and I specialise in working with women and female bodied leaders, coaches and practitioners supporting them to up level their personal and professional lives so they can create a greater impact with their clients while Thriving in their lives.

My in-depth coaching programs are highly successful and they offer the foundation to turn patterns of surviving into a lifetime of Thriving. I use proven trauma informed approaches which create the safe haven for remarkable results to unfold - especially for people who have previously accessed coaching or therapy and have access to their feelings and emotions.

Joining a program is an opportunity to unlock your energy and vitality and to create focus and direction in your life so you can pursue your dreams and ambitions to radically change this world into the beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.

Thrive in Business Coaching Program

Thrive in Business is a 5 month long individual trauma informed somatic program for inspired and dedicated women and female bodied leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs who are fully in service to making positive, impactful contributions to humanity.

This one to one online container offers personalised coaching to transform and advance both you and your business in a highly effective yet generative way. Through nervous system shifts we create solutions you can apply immediately to your business and see results.

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Thrive in Life Coaching Program

Is my flagship coaching program which offers a personalised transformational coaching journey for women and female bodied leaders, coaches and healers longing for a container to resolve their trauma on the deepest nervous system level - so they can fully occupy their lives and Thrive.

Thrive in Life offers an effective body-based trauma resolution approach that addresses the roots of trauma using an archetypal, developmental and systemic system.

Our journey together will span 5 months in which we will bring healing and transformation to the areas which matter most in your life: love, sex, pleasure, money, relationships, and menopause and other areas where you long for empowerment. Equipping you to shift from surviving to Thriving in Your Precious Life!