If you're seriously committed to taking your life and work to the next level - then my 1:1 coaching and consulting containers are probably right for you.

I'm Catherine Hale and I'm a highly accomplished embodied trauma resolution coach, educator and trainer.

If you're a facilitator, coach or leader who's committed to creating a new paradigm within the healing and personal development world then you're in the right place!

I specialise in working with people like you supporting you to bring an advanced level trauma informed approach and skill to your work with your people and to your own trauma resolution journey so that you can feel confident in raising standards of trauma informed care that you offer to both yourself and to the people and communities that you serve.

My 1:1 services are listed below. My group programs are on my trainings and programs page here.


A Culture of Care is a body of work I've created in response to the a growing need and desire from space holders to design and hold their events with advanced trauma informed care.

A Culture of Care emerges from embodying a trauma informed way of being and relating with: yourself, your community, your participants and the wider world through the events you create.

It seeks to empower space holders, such as community leaders, facilitators and people offering high level trainings, to offer nuanced trauma informed care to their participants, and to emerge as leaders within a new culture that not only comprehends but also reveres the profound ramifications of personal and systemic trauma, and knows how to hold that with deep care and compassion.

This culture, in its broader scope, enables space holders to embody the degree of safety and wisdom that allows them to respond sensitively and compassionately to the array of different needs, paces, nervous systems and human experiences existing within group personal development events so that their participants can experience lasting and profound transformation without re-traumatisation.

Thrive in Business 1:1 Coaching

This is an invitation to step into a different way of being in business. One where your emotional blocks and past traumas don't get in the way of you building the business of your dreams. Instead, in this reality, you get to feel free to express yourself and share your gifts confidently whilst doing the work that you really love.

We start with building the nervous system regulation you need to create a regenerative business where you have the right support and the capacity to reach and serve your people. Whilst also having the spaciousness, that reduced stress brings, to do the other things you love in your life: more family/friends time, more self-care, more time in your community and space to be more creative.

We'll work together to identify trauma and blocks at the level of the: nervous system, emotions, thinking and behaviour that have been preventing you from already having the business you dream of, and together we'll create a highly personalised plan detailing the journey we will take so that you can stay on track and feel empowered to grow into the embodied leadership that your business is ready for.

Over 5 months, we'll focus on healing your nervous system, creating a strong foundation of safety and security that will enable you to expand into your business vision with confidence. We'll tend to healing the emotional wounds of unworthiness, shame, attachment, and perfectionism so you can start building a regenerative business from healthy inner foundation. And we'll take strategic and actionable steps that are aligned with your body and nervous system capacity, bringing your business vision to life and empowering you to thrive like never before.

Thrive in Life 1:1 Coaching

Thrive in Life is a revolutionary 5 month long individual coaching container for people longing for a held space where they can commit to resolve their trauma on the deepest nervous system level.

It offers you everything you need, including a high level of  support and accountability, so you can build the foundations of safety and transform into the most empowered, resilient, confident, and self-trusting version of yourself.

We use a highly personalised and body-based trauma resolution approach where we powerfully and effectively bring healing and transformation to the areas of your life that have been impacted by trauma by creating a foundation of safety where once there was fear.  Offering you transformation where previous attempts have failed so you can shift from surviving to Thriving in Your One Precious Life!

Trauma Informed Practitioner Mentoring

As a practitioner in a body-based modality, you possess a powerful desire to enhance your understanding and proficiency in creating a compassionate and reflective environment. Through engaging in practitioner mentoring, you will embark on a transformative journey, empowering you to embody your role as a trauma-informed leader with unwavering dedication and grace.