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Amanda M

‘The workshop was an amazing experiential self-learning’

..about a part of my essence I had previously  felt unable to meet, around beauty and love. I experienced heart opening and a positive channeling of my sexual energies. I felt empowered to move energy through my body alone and with others. Also during the weekends workshop I gained a growing confidence to meet and be seen in my vulnerability, and in doing so to connect with and open my heart. Allowing myself to be seen, be safe and loved was very healing.

Female Sexual Anatomy Workshop


‘Catherine made the uncomfortable bearable and her lovely calm way helped create an ambience of trust and openness.’

The professionalism, hard work and follow up that she put in only helped me in my journey and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Catherine and would highly recommend her; she is a knowledgeable practitioner, insightful and someone who practices what she preaches.

Coaching Client


I gained deeper healing of my heart and touching my wounds and blessings. I saw my sweetness, my tenderness, and my spiritual sensuality. I released more shame, blocks and suffering and now there is space inside for my beautiful girl/woman to grow. Catherine has a deep understanding about female sexuality. I was nervous about the workshop but I soon felt safe and comfortable as Catherine held a gentle and understanding space. I gained sisterhood and extra understanding of my yoni. Thank you!!


‘Catherine holds a deep, steady, clear and strong presence.’

 As a teacher and healer she clearly has deep passion and commitment for her work and is able translate her knowledge and personal experience in a way that includes, informs and inspires others. In particular her work around educating women of the true nature of their anatomy, capacity for pleasure and finding deeper integration within their being.Within the healing space Catherine engages completely with what she is being presented with, and her approach is slow, deliberate and executed with the utmost care. In my personal session I was able to access difficult aspects which I prefer to hide and find difficult to trust others with. These aspects were not only welcomed by Catherine, they were revered. Anyone on a journey of greater consciousness would be fortunate to encounter Catherine. I will be attending her sessions for some time to come yet.

Coaching Client

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