Recent Client Testimonials


I've collated some significant testimonials of recent clients here for you to get a feel for the experience of working with me whether that's 1:1 in one of my celebrated coaching programs or in a workshop or training format.


This praise is a reflection of the transformative results the clients have experienced, which I see are the ultimate measurement of success. When you work with me on my coaching programs together we identify and focus on the developmental objectives that will shift you from the familiar yet often painful place you're in to the gratifying place you desire and deserve to be living your life from.


In my Thrive in Life and Thrive in Business Coaching programs this is about using proven methods to enable you to resolve your patterns of survival and shift you into patterns of thriving in your one precious life.  

My clients find my acclaimed online courses offer a powerful platform to learn in a trauma informed way. They can self-pace their learning and rest back into practices guaranteed to support nervous system regulation which fosters both learning and wellbeing.The feedback from these courses offers you insight into the commanding impact clients have received from attending often relatively short courses.


When you read this feedback maybe notice how it feels in your body to know that you can unblock your self, you can heal your trauma, to recapture your one precious life and have access to post traumatic growth in your every day.


  • Can you hear a yes for change - for transformation for reclamation of all that it means to be living fully and authentically?
  • Can you hear a yes for up-levelling your business and start beginning to make a significant impact to the clients that really matter to you?


You owe yourself this opportunity to heal and transform and to step fully into your life and to become the exceptional person you were always designed to be.


These remarkable results my clients have shared can be yours too.


I know you can change. I believe in you. I'm here to support you every step of the way. I would love to help you to realise similar results in your life. Get in touch now to see how I can help you.

Client Testimonials


‘I got so much more than I wanted from the retreat.’

The Wheel of Consent felt really relevant to all aspects of my life and seeing sex as non goal orientated was really significant. Learning about consent through interactive touch and being able to talk through things that had happened the evening before was really helpful. I learned a lot about sexual anatomy and ways to touch.

I gained so many valuable insight from our time with you. They have allowed me to see much more clearly what is going wrong and right in my interactions with my husband and I know this is transforming our relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

Retreat Participant


 ‘I have gained so much over the last few days.’

Learning about the Wheel of Consent feels like a very significant movement in my life and I can see how important this will be in both my work and homes lives. The accommodation was lovely and provided a safe and secure place for us to feel relaxed in and the food was delicious!

Retreat Participant


This retreat is life changing and it continues to support my changing life. It was as if my being was made of blotting paper throughout the retreat. I felt so safe and held and so I could totally open up and absorb my experiences and deepen into my wise being and into the mystery.

The time had come for me to turn and face myself. The space provided on this week long retreat has enabled me to do just that and to dive deep into my being and to stay in that depth exploring, discovering, remembering, healing and transforming.

I felt totally welcomed throughout the retreat from my preparation, through my arrival, through each day, through the retreat ending and through the integration process afterwards. At all times there was so much care and attention to every detail.

Throughout the retreat the space was so perfectly attuned to my needs that it was difficult to see who led and who responded as the programme unfolded. No matter where I moved in my process, I felt deeply held in a place where nothing was too much and Catherine brought such generosity and depth and richness and wisdom as well as holding a space steeped in tenderness, encouragement and invitation. All elements of my being felt deeply supported and nurtured including the physical environment of the beautiful workspace and accommodation and food.

I felt heard with everything I brought to the retreat – every word, every movement, every gesture, every piece of my story – all deeply listened to and woven into the process of my intensive. I discovered how to witness my life in a whole new way and my being felt so witnessed throughout the intensive. The guides and the space created for me was filled with insights and profound experience and transformation.

Previously, I have experienced a variety of other personal development programmes which worked at depth, but I have never been able to reach such personal depth and to be held at every level of my being – physically, emotionally, my thinking and spiritually. Never before, have I left a programme so richly resourced and empowered to support my being going forward.

I will forever be grateful to all that I experienced on this retreat. I emerged, resourced, deeply healed and able to really see the bigger story of my life in the past, present and future possibility. I would describe this retreat as unique and I believe that, going forward, my life cannot and will not ever be the same again… THANK YOU!

Retreat Participant


‘Throughout the retreat the space was so perfectly attuned to my needs that it was difficult to see who led and who responded as the programme unfolded.’

No matter where I moved in my process, I felt deeply held in a place where nothing was too much and Catherine and her team brought such generosity and depth and richness and wisdom.

Retreat Participant


‘The entire retreat was hugely valuable and transformational for me.’

It came at just the right time and was exactly what I needed. It was so good just to be able to talk at length and receive understanding and wisdom; so much time was spent in creating  the environment where I felt able to face up to these issues and accept that help. Which, given where I started from, is no mean feat! Also, your words of encouragement and acknowledgement of the progress I have made mean a tremendous amount to me.

Retreat Participant


‘In my session with Catherine, magic happened.’

I got to experience myself as an energetic being – I felt energy moving inside my body, generating in one place and moving to another. It was wonderful to experience how life force is not some kind of mystical thing out there, rather what was living inside me; what I was made of. I got to connect with my body at a very deep level and I felt self-love and pure joy.

Coaching client


‘Having met Catherine I completely trusted her to share my experience that I would love to find my G spot!!’

As a mature woman I had been in a sexless marriage, which in every sense had been very frustrating, and as a consequence I had not felt very confident around my sexuality. Catherine held a very sacred safe space with me and a small group of women to explore our own G spots it was not only a very profound personal experience she was able to make it fun for us and not at all embarrassing. This whole experience gave me the confidence to ask my lover to explore my sexuality and G spot further and we continue to have amazing love making together. Thank you darling Catherine for the incredible work you do with such love and compassion.

Female Sexual Arousal Workshop


‘I just want to thank you for the beautiful day and for creating a safe space for our exploration.’

I feel blessed to have experienced the depth of wisdom and healing our Pussy’s have. I feel so honoured to have held space for these women in what I feel is a sacred moment that I will always honour and never forget, and in the witnessing of such beauty and courage of the Divine Feminine. I will always honour my sacred pussy and do my utmost to give her daily attention.

Female Sexual Anatomy Workshop


‘The boundaries work has brought so much clarity, I can feel the impact on all areas of my life already starting to happen.’

I was thrilled that I ‘found you’ on my own terms (not through friends or acquaintances) which made me feel that I do know how to guide myself alone (empowering) and also due to the fact that I really deeply appreciate your seriousness (yet lightness) and gentleness in the way you do your work.

.Thank you from my heart for this –  you are truly amazing.

Coaching Client


‘I want to acknowledge how impressive you were at the weekend.’

Thank you Catherine – I have done a lot of workshops and have worked with some truly excellent facilitators – as well as some not so good ones.  You really do have a gift in holding the space and feeling into where the group is. I hope our paths cross again as I’d love to work more with you!

Female Sexual Arousal Workshop

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