Why change is fundamentally threatening to our nervous system

The nervous system has the job of keeping us safe over the course of our lifetime, but particularly through our early developmental years we get wired to react to situations that act as a template for keeping us away from threat.


In each moment the nervous system is scanning our environment for threat. If its absent then we stay regulated and feel calm and relaxed but as the level of threat increases our embodied emergency responses: fight, flight and freeze get activated, and the degree to which is dependent on our current capacity to be with stress, and our early patterning.


The more stressed we are or the more traumatic our early patterning is – the greater the emergency response is.


So we may experience a flight response where our bodies want to run away or where we are trapped into racing thoughts in our mind. Or perhaps a fight response where we find ourselves in patterns of conflict and blame, or a freeze response where everything feels just too much and we collapse into feelings of hopelessness and despair.


So in the example of our money relationship the current health of our nervous system will determine how we relate with money and can limit any best attempts at healing that we do. We may feel too anxious to spend time with money doing money tasks such as our accounts, and find planning a solid financial strategy that actually works for our bodies and our business model anxiety creating so instead we follow the ideas of someone we think knows better than us and find that it doesn’t actually fit us or our business.


But all of this is changeable.


We can heal our nervous systems and support them to expand so we can receive more abundantly in our lives and business. And this also has the added impact of re-wiring healthier relating through all aspects of our lives.


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Photo by cottonbro studio