Business Strategy: From Confusion to Regeneration

Business strategy

I’ve been having many conversations recently about business strategy – and I’m laughing that me, of all people, is finding this topic juicy.


Since running my own business – which I wasn’t able to call a business until fairly recently – I was a practitioner NOT a business woman, I’d never considered business strategy. I just responded to what appeared in front of me. I said yes and no, but mostly yes as I needed to earn money to keep me afloat. Strategy was something that happened in business land far far away.


Sounding familiar anyone?


Trauma patterns within my business model


With hindsight I was operating my business within a deep trauma spell – in fear, panic and overwhelm – just trying to survive most of the time – with occasional glimpses of regulated joy and happiness. I was a hamster on the eternal wheel going round and round, faster and faster until menopause hit and told me in no uncertain terms this hamster was running out of energy.


Joining the ranks of many midlife women, menopause was unexpected in its timing and ferocity. Mid forties was relative youth and 50’s was menopause land right – uh no – not for me. By age 44 the hormonal roller coaster of menopause had set up an camp within and wasn’t looking to pack up any time soon.


It’s message was clear ‘It’s time to step up, claim your power sister and get out of that hamster wheel once and for all.’ But Jesus – how was I meant to do that? My survival was dependent on keeping that wheel spinning – NO MATTER WHAT THE COST – without it I was surely going to fail, my business would collapse, my income would dry up and I’d end up one of those bag ladies drinking Special Brew and sleeping in doorways. Just the thought of it, and my hamster self got straight back into the wheel of productivity.


The result




Pull myself out of it

Hamster wheel

Exhaustion …..

You get the picture.


Trauma resolution and regenerative growth


I’m so grateful that a wiser part – the one who listened to the voice of menopause – who knew that trauma resolution was instrumental in stepping out of the hamster wheel once and for all, stepped in and took charge.


With the right support, gentleness and slowness I unravelled the trauma spell that had enslaved me to the dictators of fast, overwhelm and collapse. The mist around me cleared – clarity emerged, wisdom was felt and a more regulated version of me began to take charge of my life.


Step by step a plan emerged – first do this and next do that. Successfully tackling one small challenge at a time told my nervous system I was capable, doing it slowly turned off the emergency sirens, and finding both celebration and enjoyment in my tasks was both rewarding and motivating.


This was a period of building foundations putting all the pieces in place so that regenerative growth could happen – both personally and in my business.


Now you’re probably wondering – yes but what about strategy in business. Let me come to that now. You see when we’re under a trauma spell our capacity to see, think, act clearly and in alignment with what is right for us and our business is severely hampered. We can’t see beyond the haze of our frazzled nervous system responses – the lay of the land is obscured – leaving us spinning in the hamster wheel – going nowhere.


When this spell lifts, when clarity emerges, maybe for the first time in our lives, the vista around us offers possibility and choice. We can ascertain direction, allowing our inner compass to guide us into aligned choices and actions. This is where our emergent strategist is born. They’re the one who can see the bigger picture, who knows where they are going and why, and what is needed to get there. They can break tasks into achievable steps allocating time for completion whilst also knowing how much is possible.


This strategist knows taking time to walk in nature brings forth their business solutions, offering unexpected next steps and alternative methods. When combined with emergent self–compassion, connection to the ebb and flow of life, the seasons of doing and being, action and rest, then a natural rhythm emerges – one that moves our business forward whilst simultaneously taking care of us – and so a regenerative business is born.


Strategy isn’t something we just bolt onto the end of our business – strategy is our business – it’s the map of where this ship is heading, what’s needed to get there and how we can do it with ease, fun and joy – whilst also generating the funds we need to live in a way that sustains and nourishes us. Planning our business year ahead, making sure our holidays are prioritised, and ensuring we have financial strategy underpinning all our endeavours is essential. And all of this can happen without entering the metamorphosis of menopause – really where ever you are on your journey you don’t need the kick up the backside from menopause to start you off – you can begin now.


I love that today my first task was to write something to share on my website – this post is what emerged with ease. No blank screen moments, no endlessly flashing cursor, just a clear voice wanting to share – hoping that you, as the reader, will walk away feeling somewhat seen, understood and supported in learning trauma informed business skills.


I’m passionate about supporting people like us who coach, teach, guide and support others, to resolve our trauma and step into the most empowered and wise version of ourselves – building a new paradigm of business where self-care is central and regeneration is available for all. We can do this – one step at a time!