Sex and Intimacy

Sexually Satisfied Woman – Podcast

Sexually Satisfied Woman Podcast

An in-depth discussion on sexuality and trauma response for the Sexually Satisfied Woman Podcast, hosted by Eva Blake featuring Catherine Hale. Many patterns we have in life are set in our formative childhood years, and patterns in our sexuality are no different. This discussion includes practical advice on trauma response in the nervous system and…

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Feeling Your Body More

feeling safe to feel

Do you remember when you were young, playing endlessly, or when you were a baby, spending hours delighting in the sensations from your body, feeling your body? Our bodies are an inherent source of sensation; populated with nerve endings when stimulated our skin provides information to the brain about what we are experiencing. This sensory…

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Sexual Shadow

sexual shadow

Who’s that hiding in the sexual shadow of yourself? Are you curious? Invite them over into the light of your consciousness, offer them to stay for a while to know them a little more. What secrets do they hold? Can you sit without judgement as their story unfolds? With your listening there is an unwinding…

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Pleasure is a Birthright

pleasure is our birthright

Pleasure is a Birthright Watch my latest  interview by Head Talks on the subject: “Pleasure is a Birthright” Go to Head Talks website for more information, interviews, and podcasts. Head Talks aims to inform, inspire and engage those interested in the mind and mental wellbeing. You can find people speaking from the heart and from their own…

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The Full Body Energetic Orgasm: Revolutionise Your Sex Life

full body orgasm

The Full Body Energetic Orgasm is revolutionising the sex lives of men and women across the UK. Sexual Shamanic Practitioner and Empowerment Coach Catherine Hale reveals the secrets behind sexual empowerment, the full body orgasm and intense levels of bliss. About 4 years ago I first experienced a Full Body Energetic Orgasm, my body shook…

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My Journey as a Sexual Shamanic Healer

shamanic healer

In this video I share with SoundArt Radio host Andrew Ball, my journey from inner London state school teacher to sexual shamanic healer. Sexual shamanic healer When I reflect on this period in my life, I had to jump from a life which no longer served me, that felt like a prison at times, and…

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