Pelvic health

Why Your Period is a Monthly Download about Your Health

period monthly health download

If there was one thing I could whisper into the ear of my much younger self  it would be “Your period is a precious gift, it lets you know the state of your health every month. Learn how to read your period and you’ll be much healthier and happier in your life.” Like many women…

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Vaginal Steaming: The Forgotten Practice

Vaginal steaming forgotten practice

Like many of us living in our modern day world, I’ve lived disconnected from the generations old traditions of my ancestors. I know much has been forgotten even before my birth in my family lineage, but I am remembering, deep in my belly, a different way, a better way to take care of ourselves, our bodies…

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Is Your Vagina Carrying Emotional Baggage?

vagina emotional baggage

Read my latest interview with Annie Scott featured in Foundry Fox. We put our vaginas through a lot. Smear tests. Tampons. Dildos. Drunken interactions with other people’s fingers. Ill-advised sex with people we regret. There’s a lot that goes on ‘down there’ – and that’s before we even think about the trauma of childbirth. As…

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