My Journey With HRT Three Months On

My Journey with HRT 3 months on

Menopause symptoms? Over the last 6 years, and especially the last 3, I found I’d piled all my physical and emotional symptoms into the bucket labelled menopause. Now that I’m taking HRT, the decrease in many of my symptoms has allowed me to sift through that bucket to determine what actually belongs to menopause and…

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Menopause and My Journey With HRT

My Journey with HRT

As little as 6 months ago I couldn’t imagine I would be writing this post – me and HRT – there was no way I was going to take it – period.   But the journey of menopause is a humbling one – it’s striped away many of my beliefs and identities and in turn…

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Menopausal Symptoms – Born From Societal Imbalance

Menopausal Symptoms - Born From Societal Imbalance

The menopausal hot flushes are back.   With a vengeance.   They rise like a tsunami of heat – followed seconds later by intense sweating in my body’s desperate attempt to cool down.   Then the chills set in – as the heat leaves I’m left with a coldness that penetrates – bone deep.  …

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Menopause is my Business Coach

menopause is my business coach

You don’t usually see the words menopause and business together. Instead menopause is usually associated with hot flushes, aging, and a time when women disappear from the forefront of our culture – often never to be seen again.   Menopausal Business Coach   But that model of menopause is dying – and instead is being…

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Menopause – Are We Ready to Listen?

menopausal woman artwork

Back then I didn’t know what to expect. It began with a growing sense of unease. More moodiness, irritability and a darkness growing over my days. Unease turned to a bone deep gnawing discomfort. There was no obvious starting moment heralding this next phase of life. No blood of first bleed. No swelling of pregnancy.…

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Culturally Supported Menopause

Deliberation by Sanchez Nevado

Last night I woke up 10 times. Despite wanting more sleep I started my day at 5.30am. Based on recent months this was a good night’s sleep. You may ask what’s going on? No I don’t have a newborn baby to look after. No I’m not ill. No I’m not surrounded by noisy neighbours. Most…

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