Female Sexuality

Sexually Satisfied Woman – Podcast

Sexually Satisfied Woman Podcast

An in-depth discussion on sexuality and trauma response for the Sexually Satisfied Woman Podcast, hosted by Eva Blake featuring Catherine Hale. Many patterns we have in life are set in our formative childhood years, and patterns in our sexuality are no different. This discussion includes practical advice on trauma response in the nervous system and…

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What has Sexuality Got to Do with Environmental Destruction?

Sexuality adn Environmental Destruction

Some of you may think sexuality has nothing to do with environmental destruction. How could it contribute to the burning of forests, oceanic pollution or extinction of species? However if we go deeper than the basic collective assumptions about what environmental destruction is and what’s caused it, if we dare to journey deeper into the…

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Learning What We Want Sexually is a Life Changer

female sexuality

Many of us don’t know what we want sexually; its a bit like going to the restaurant and not knowing what’s on the menu, so we choose the same thing over and over. With repetition this can can boring, monotonous and may have very little pleasure for us. Join me for this Interview with Laurie…

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Is Your Vagina Carrying Emotional Baggage?

vagina emotional baggage

Read my latest interview with Annie Scott featured in Foundry Fox. We put our vaginas through a lot. Smear tests. Tampons. Dildos. Drunken interactions with other people’s fingers. Ill-advised sex with people we regret. There’s a lot that goes on ‘down there’ – and that’s before we even think about the trauma of childbirth. As…

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Lets talk about sex

Interview with Pedro Marques in the Vamos Faira De Sexualidade blog. Let’s talk about sex As a sexual shamanic healer your job is to support the connection of each client with their own body, so they may feel the sensations and emotions through which their bodies constantly communicate to them. How important is it for…

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Pleasure is a Birthright

pleasure is our birthright

Pleasure is a Birthright Watch my latest  interview by Head Talks on the subject: “Pleasure is a Birthright” Go to Head Talks website for more information, interviews, and podcasts. Head Talks aims to inform, inspire and engage those interested in the mind and mental wellbeing. You can find people speaking from the heart and from their own…

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Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

female ejaculation g-spot

I’ve been supporting women to grow into their sexual aliveness for many years and the most common challenges I see them face is either resolving their trauma and/ or not having a  comprehensive understanding and experience of their own pleasure anatomy.   I want to share about female pleasure anatomy and in particular the structures…

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Female Arousal Anatomy: Diving Deep into the Unknown

female arousal anatomy

Sacred Cave or Down There? Pussy, yoni, cunt, vagina. What do you call your genitals? In the Tantric tradition the word yoni is used to name the whole of the vulva, directly translated to ‘sacred cave’ here you meet the majesty of the feminine in all her glory, wonder and divinity. This may feel a…

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Unleashing the Power of the Dark Feminine Through the G-Spot

Dark feminine

The Light and the Dark It’s common understanding many women suffer from an internal split between the light and dark aspects of their feminine nature, as society rewards women as virginal loving mothers and shames their desire for passion and sex. The path of Tantra, which translates as ‘union’, is a journey into the reconciliation…

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My Journey as a Sexual Shamanic Healer

shamanic healer

In this video I share with SoundArt Radio host Andrew Ball, my journey from inner London state school teacher to sexual shamanic healer. Sexual shamanic healer When I reflect on this period in my life, I had to jump from a life which no longer served me, that felt like a prison at times, and…

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Ovarian Cancer: What Every Woman Needs to Know

ovarian cancer diagram

Ovarian cancer This time last year I was experiencing some symptoms of lower back pain, pelvic pain, pain on urination and feelings of being unwell.  I went to visit my GP. The following week my doctor told me that my blood tests indicated a raised level of a cancer biomarker known as CA125. I was informed this could…

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