Trauma informed business skills

Menopause is my Business Coach

menopause is my business coach

You don’t usually see the words menopause and business together. Instead menopause is usually associated with hot flushes, aging, and a time when women disappear from the forefront of our culture – often never to be seen again.   Menopausal Business Coach   But that model of menopause is dying – and instead is being…

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Business Strategy: From Confusion to Regeneration

Business strategy

I’ve been having many conversations recently about business strategy – and I’m laughing that me, of all people, is finding this topic juicy.   Since running my own business – which I wasn’t able to call a business until fairly recently – I was a practitioner NOT a business woman, I’d never considered business strategy.…

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Healthy Rhythms and Routines in Your Business

Healthy rhythms and routines

Many people involved in the healing professions arrive in business with little understanding of how to run a business. I know. I was one of them.   I had ideas, inspiration, projects and events I wanted to share with people – and share I did but the results were taxing both financially and on my…

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Becoming a Mature Custodian of Money

Mature custodian of money

Back in 2019 I had a Human Design reading – the single most important part of the reading was him saying to me “You’re here for transformation”. At that moment everything made sense. The struggle. The trauma. The drive to keep going deeper. The heart felt mission to support others on their journey of resolution.…

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