Solo Retreats

Are you looking for ways to overcome your sex and intimacy challenges? Have you tried workshops but you didn’t get what you needed from them?

In taking time to step away from your busy life a sexual healing solo retreat offers you the time to focus purely on yourself. You'll go on a deep inner journey of self love, discovery and deep healing, while being supported  into a place of sexual aliveness, empowerment through embodiment.

If you feel uncomfortable with your sexuality and you’re looking to heal, re-empower yourself and reclaim your sexuality, you have arrived at your safe house.

Are you ready to embark on a deep healing journey?

sex and intimacy retreat

 I am thankful for all  you've shared...

of your own story and all these amazing healing gifts you have. Its really helped knowing how you understand trauma and healing from your experience.

I now feel more empowered and have more clarity with how to move forward both in healing and life. I saw how detached I am from my body and my yoni, that emotions are moving energy to be released through breath, sound and movement, and that self pleasure is a way to connect to my body and that brings healing. I have learned techniques that I can take forward to work into healing and integration feels really great.


What is a Sex and Intimacy Solo Retreat?

These retreats are for women looking to reclaim their sexuality and create the intimacy they long for. They are similar to the 1:1 sessions I offer, except we have time and spaciousness to journey deeply with much that you bring.


  • You want to discover more of who you are sexually but don’t know how
  • You’re unsure of how to communicate your desires to a sexual partner
  • You want to learn more about self-pleasure
  • You want to break compulsive patterns of watching porn or being in fantasy
  • You say ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’
  • You want to own your feminine sexual power
  • You want to discover your female sexual anatomy including your G-spot and female ejaculation

Women's Pelvic Health

  • You feel numb or disconnected from all or parts of your pelvis and vulva
  • Your body doesn’t feel the same since giving birth
  • You experience chronic UTI’s or STI’s.
  • You have scar tissue in the pelvis


  • You’ve experienced boundary violation
  • You’ve felt sexual energy was present and you felt overwhelmed
  • You grew up in a toxic family dynamic
  • You repeatedly experience intense emotional states
  • You have intrusive thoughts that feel harmful
  • You find intimacy challenging
  • You have a tendency to be defensive
  • You often don’t feel safe
  • You feel disconnected sexually or have trouble with orgasm
  • You want a sexual and intimate relationship but your fear prevents you

We can work with any of this and whatever else you bring to a retreat.

Catherine brought such generosity...

and depth and richness and wisdom. The space she created was steeped in tenderness, encouragement and invitation. All elements of my being felt deeply supported and nurtured including the physical environment of the beautiful workspace and accommodation and food.


sexual healing retreat Catherine Hale

Sexuality and Intimacy Solo Retreat content may include

  • Boundary Restoration
  • Embodied Experience of Consent ~ Wheel of Consent
  • Anatomy of Arousal Education
  • Accessing the Tools of Breath, Sound and Movement
  • Communication Tools for Expanding Intimacy and Pleasure
  • Emotional Expression
  • Practitioner ~ Client Touch
  • Re-Wilding of your Sexual Self
  • Self-Pleasure and Self-Touch Skills
  • Energetic Body-Work including Energy Orgasm
  • Learning to Ask for What You Want
  • Gently Coming Back to Your Body
  • Steps for Embodied Management of Intense Emotional States
  • Unravelling Old Beliefs and Judgments and Weaving in Compassion and Understanding
  • You may want to add a Vaginal Steam  to your retreat

I can breathe again.

I didn't realise how much I was holding in my body, I'd been packing down all my emotions and had numbed out. Catherine's skill and expertise created the safety I needed to go inside and start to feel what I've stored away there, by doing so I could feel my sexual energy for the first time in a really long time! Discovering I can ask for what I want, and knowing I could say stop, or ask for more of something at any point was a life-changer for more going along with ANYTHING anymore!!


What is my experience?

I weave together skills from multiple disciplines including the soul work of transpersonal psychotherapy, the embodied sexual practices of Tantra, and Sexological Bodywork, neuroscience including trauma healing and shamanism, emotional awareness using somatic tools, mindfulness and energy healing. My passion is supporting empowerment by sharing tools for transformation and self-awareness. I draw from these practices along with many years of experience to offer you offer optimum support. Read more about me.

What you may expect from the Sex and Intimacy Solo Retreat


  • You’ll know where your boundaries are and how to communicate them
  • You’ll have access to the skills of breath, sound and movement and how this influences your pleasure
  • You’ll be more confident in expressing your emotions
  • You’ll know where your sexual anatomy is located and your arousal network and how both work
  • You’ll expand your repertoire of touch and to explore the impact of touch on your body
  • You’ll stay present with yourself without escaping into fantasy or into porn
  • You’ll develop a body connection focused on pleasure and intuition
  • You’ll clear old toxic emotions from the body
  • You’ll know about and experience different types of orgasm
  • You’ll know where your g-spot is and how to stimulate it

Women's Pelvic Health

  • You'll feel more connected to your pelvis, vulva and womb
  • You'll develop a healthy menstrual cycle
  • You'll be free of patterns of uterine stagnation
  • You'll raise your fertility levels
  • You'll feel your uterus and vaginal walls return to their pre-birth state
  • You'll have the tools to develop a self-care practice to attend to the needs of your pelvis
  • You'll have access to more creative energy and be able to hold your creative ventures for their duration
  • You'll have more spaciousness to create the relationships you want in your life
  • You'll feel more equipped to deal with the initiation of menopause


  • You'll know where you boundaries are and how to communicate them
  • You’ll have access to the skills of breath, sound and movement and how this influences your pleasure
  • You’ll be more confident in expressing your emotions and staying present with intense emotions
  • You’ll feel more confident in creating safety and groundedness in your body
  • You’ll feel more empowered in creating the touch based experiences you want to have

How long are the Sex and Intimacy Solo Retreats?

Some women choose to come for 3 days and 3 nights, others for 4 or 5, I can support you to choose the most suitable length based on what you bring.

Many women have returned for a second, third or fourth retreat as they’ve found this way of working the most beneficial to them.

sex and intimacy challenges

Catherine I can not thank you enough...

for sharing all your expertise, presence and love with me. My two days were awesome and challenging at the same time. I now feel and know another part of me is integrating that was previously hidden. If you really want to have that amazing relationship with yourself and others this is for you. Don’t wait!!

Alison Chartered Physiotherapist

What is the price for the Sex and Intimacy Solo Retreat?

The cost for the all-inclusive retreat depends on the level of intensity and length of the retreat. Prices from 1st September 2018.

Spacious solo retreat where you work with me 3 hours a day

  • 3 days and 3 nights: £1650
  • 4 days and 4 nights £2150
  • 5 days and 5 nights £2600

Intense solo retreat where you work with me for 6 hours a day

  • 3 days and 3 nights £2400
  • 4 days and 4 nights £3150
  • 5 days and 5 nights £3850

I also create tailor made packages to suit your time and budget, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Where will you be staying on the Sexuality and Intimacy Solo Retreat?

During our time together you are well looked after. You’ll be staying in one of a number of beautiful cottages/houses in the Totnes, Devon area (depending on availability).

My being felt deeply supported.

Catherine and her team brought such generosity and depth and richness and wisdom, the space they created was steeped in tenderness, encouragement and invitation. All elements of my being felt deeply supported and nurtured including the physical environment of the beautiful workspace and accommodation and food.


Taking care of your diet

Awareness of what you put into your body is essential and the food you eat on a retreat is an integral aspect of your overall experience. We take care of you by providing a balanced, delicious and nutritious diet.

All the meals are vegetarian. They are carefully created and balanced to support your process, crafted with local and organic food, where possible. Vegan and other special diets can be catered for.

Travel to the Sexuality and Intimacy Solo Retreat


  • Paddington London to Totnes 3 hours
  • Bristol to Totnes 1.5 hours
  • Taxis are available from the Totnes train station to the venue


  • London to Totnes approx. 5 hours
  • Bristol to Totnes approx. 2 hours


  • Local airports – Exeter / Bristol (flights from UK, Europe)
  • London for international

Throughout the retreat the space was so perfectly attuned to my needs...

that it was difficult to see who led and who responded as the programme unfolded. No matter where I moved in my process, I felt deeply held in a place where nothing was too much and Catherine brought such generosity and depth and richness and wisdom.


discover intimacy