Bespoke Retreats For You!

Who are sex and intimacy retreats for?

My sex and intimacy retreats are for women and couples who need some time out from their life to work through challenges they are facing in their relational or personal life including sexuality and intimacy.

Through my years of working with people in workshops and individual sessions I often see people need more time to journey through intense processes without having to worry about their daily tasks, especially when it comes to sexual healing.
It may be that you long for a safe space in which you are supported by someone who’s attention is fully present with your process. Someone who can hold the space in which you feel safe enough to explore areas which hold strong feelings like shame, guilt or pain.

bespoke sex and intimacy retreat

The support has been amazing...

 since my first e-mail! I have felt well loved and looked after and the whole set-up of the retreat made me feel relaxed and safe. Learning techniques that I can take forward to work into healing and integration feels really great.


Previous retreat attendees have come for support with:

  • Discovering a healthy sexuality where orgasm happens with ease and sex feels satisficing
  • Healing childhood wounding and finding new ways to be intimate with self and others
  • Unwinding the burden of trauma so the body can open to more pleasure and feel freer
  • Resolving relationship challenges including healing the wound of separation, blame, shame and judgement

Every gesture, every piece of my story

I felt heard with everything I brought to the retreat – every word, every movement, every gesture, every piece of my story – all deeply listened to and woven into the process of my intensive.


How does a sex and intimacy retreat work?

Each sex and intimacy retreat is a bespoke package reflecting your individual needs and the needs for both members of a couple. Based in the Devon countryside in a location that’s chosen to meet your specific needs, each retreat lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

The sex and intimacy retreats are fully immersive experiences where you will be guided through my bespoke programme. The process will be flexible and constantly adjusted to make sure you get the support, guidance and healing you are longing for.

What to expect from a sex and intimacy retreat

I encourage you to take steps forward into challenging territory so you can deeply heal the pains of the past, in respect of your fears and supporting you to step towards freedom and love.

I got so much more than I wanted from the retreat.

The Wheel of Consent felt really relevant to all aspects of my life and seeing sex as non goal orientated was significant. Learning about consent through interactive touch and being able to talk through things that had happened the evening before was really helpful. I learned a lot about sexual anatomy and ways to touch.

I gained so many valuable insight from our time with you. They have allowed me to see much more clearly what is going wrong and right in my interactions with my husband and I think this could transform our relationship both in and out of the bedroom.


resolve your intimacy challenges

I weave together skills from multiple disciplines including the soul work of transpersonal psychotherapy, the embodied sexual practices of Tantra, and Sexological Bodywork, neuroscience including trauma healing and shamanism, emotional awareness using somatic tools, mindfulness and energy healing. My passion is supporting empowerment by sharing tools for transformation and self-awareness. I draw from these practices along with many years of experience in your retreat to offer optimum support.

  • transpersonal psychotherapy
  • somatic sex education
  • neuroscience, trauma healing and shamanism
  • emotional awareness and energy healing
  • ritual, ceremony and meditation

The entire retreat was hugely valuable and transformational for me.

It came at just the right time and was exactly what I needed. It was so good just to be able to talk at length with two people who are so understanding and wise and who are prepared to invest so much of themselves in helping me deal with my issues; and also who create the environment where I felt able to face up to these issues and accept that help. Which, given where I started from, is no mean feat! Also, both of your words of encouragement and acknowledgement of the progress I have made mean a tremendous amount to me.