Being stuck in patterns of over giving and under receiving

Catherine Hale - RECEIVE

If you’ve been socialised as a woman you’ve undoubtedly been rewarded for giving, for being in service, for bringing your mothering energy to what you do and nourishing a lot of people.

And that’s great – when we can also receive in equal measures.

But that’s not the reality that I see for most women I’ve ever worked with.

Mostly I see them stuck in patterns of over giving and under receiving.

Which may show up in their business as undercharging for their goods and services, or working really hard and not getting enough in return to pay for the lives they desire.

Often they push away the notion of having more because they associate it with being greedy, selfish and with that comes the fear of shame and guilt. All of which sets up a receiving limit which is often very low.

I witness money mindset coaches offering ‘the solution’ to this problem by inviting you to work on your money beliefs, but this will only ever get you so far as the body, and in particular the nervous system, has a far greater influence over us what we think. If the body doesn’t feel safe with you earning more – then it’s not going to happen until that safety becomes available to you.

Without safety the body will contract, feel anxious, generate racing thoughts, feelings of nausea or feelings of guilt may arise.

And this is where most people stop.

It doesn’t feel good to raise your rates for example, so people stop there, thinking there will be some magical time in the future when it does feel comfortable.

But guess what?

Unless you address those body sensations and emotions now they aren’t going anywhere and will continue to limit your receiving as a way to keep you safe – because that is what the nervous system does – it wants to keep you safe.

My clients have repeatedly found new levels of receiving by being willing to meet the edge of their receiving limit, to feel and offer healing to what is there in their bodies and to allow expansion into a new version of their receiving to occur.

We need both healing and expansion work to change our relationship to receiving.

That’s where the real magic happens.

That’s where the shifts take place beyond what you ever imagined to be possible.

That’s where receiving becomes easeful, relaxing and pleasurable as you open up your receiving channel to allow wealth to flow in.

This is exactly what we do on the RECEIVE group program.

Over 3 months we journey together as a group of likeminded women identifying our particular receiving history and how to work with our unique nervous systems to create new levels of safety so we can open to receive more.

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