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Learn how to heal your nervous system and create a life of ease, safety and regulation

The nervous system is foundational to our sense of well being, safety, how we perceive the world and our capacity to direct change.

When we understand how the nervous system shifts states  without our conscious control, we can feel empowered in recognising our state and have agency to shift back to regulation.

Anchoring in regulation actually reinforces health and vitality, by positively impacting our immunity, digestion, muscular and skeletal systems. It also reduces: stress, outbursts of anger and experiences of collapse, while creating the conditions for safe connection with ourselves and others.

Mastering nervous system regulation is both an empowering and essential skill required to live in these times of change and uncertainty.

The next iteration of Anchored in Regulation will be in Autumn 2024

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'Catherine held a very supportive container for me to participate not only as a practitioner but for my own unique journey.

I very much admired her professional boundaries, facilitating in a way that supports her regulation and needs and at the same time offering great value.
I find that the best teachers lead by example from a passionate and compassionate heart space and Catherine embodies both.
I now understand so much more about my nervous system and what I need to do next!
Thank you, Catherine.'

Joanna Samona

Anchored in Regulation April 2024

Joanna Samona

You've tried all the approaches to healing but life still feels characterised by periods of stress, anxiety, feeling like its all too much, and experiencing destructive behaviour that erodes your relationships and sense of self

Over 6 Weeks We Will Explore a Combination of Somatic Education and Embodied Experiential Practices

Awareness healing aligned action

Module 1: Befriend Your Nervous System

In this module we will focus on awareness and discover the inherent intelligence of the nervous system and why we have the fight/flight, freeze, fawn and collapse responses.

We will explore somatics by inquiring into the body and tuning into the language of the body, its impulses, emotions, sensations and movements so that you can map your inner experience onto a outer framework of the nervous system and orient yourself at any given moment.


Module 2: Nervous System State Shifting

In this module we'll drop into a field of embodied healing, by learning which practices shift the nervous system from survival into regulation.

Specifically you'll learn how to work with the embodied nervous system states of fight/flight, freeze, fawn and collapse. You'll receive state specific practical somatic tools to maintain emotional safety, regulation, how to stay connected during disconnection, and process challenging sensations.


Module 3: Your Specific Healing Plan

In this module we'll learn how to take aligned action to heal our nervous systems and how to anchor in regulation.

The uniqueness of your nervous system will be honoured by creating a specific nervous system care plan that builds in evaluation so that its growing capacity is reflected within the care.

Knowing that patterns of resistance are likely to arise we examine and find solutions for the common pitfalls in implementing your nervous system care plan along with strategies that reinforce practice.

The Value Your Investment Will Provide


  • Unwavering Confidence and Self Trust: In yourself to navigate your nervous system states with ease and accuracy
  • Translation of Symptoms into Healing Processes: Powerfully tap into and sense the wisdom of the nervous system so you can trust yourself to navigate back to health and wellness
  • Mastery of Nervous System Science: Recognise nervous system states, and their corresponding behaviour and thoughts so you can trust yourself to support a shift towards safe connection

'Working with Catherine was the medicine I needed in 2020.'

I've known for a while that I needed to do more nervous system work, and I've always felt safe and non-judged with her. In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again.

Thank you thank you thank you Catherine, I am beyond grateful.'

— Lucy Rowett 


Learning to navigate your nervous system is like a fluid dance that's motivated by the desire for health and safe connection

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Why Learn From Me?

Hello, I’m Catherine Hale and I’m a passionate nervous system educator and coach.

I'm a qualified ReBloom Trauma Resolution Coach, a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) practitioner and I've undertaken a deep dive into healing my own Big T and developmental trauma over the last 20+ years.

I've supported 100's of people to heal and transform their lives that were once negatively impacted by trauma, including: sexual trauma, abuse trauma, systemic trauma, and developmental trauma.

I believe that mastery of the nervous system is a fundamental skill in providing us with the embodied resource and safety required to do our healing work with success.

Frequently Asked Questions

'I've followed Catherine's work for a few years now and have always loved her thorough knowledge of the nervous system, especially for women. After doing some of her free offerings and feeling a need to dive deeper into my own learnings of my nervous system I jumped at the chance to Anchor into Regulation.

Catherine's delivery of the course is very considered and professional, she has literally thought of everything, it's so comprehensive, clear and easy to follow and the bonus is that you get to keep all of the teachings, audios and videos for life not just the 6 weeks. I now have a care plan and exercises at my fingertips for easy access, for whatever my nervous system state needs. This course is worth its weight in gold.'

— Vikki Seymour

Anchored in Regulation participant April 2024

Access to nervous system regulation is a prerequisite for healing - because a  dysregulated nervous system is not receptive to any kind of healing

The Practicals of What You Will Receive

  • This is a 6 week online journey of nervous system regulation grounded in polyvagal theory
  • We will meet together online each week for nervous system healing and regulation sessions
  • Lifetime access to an online platform with all the nervous system practices available to you at your fingertips
  • You have access to a private Facebook group where we can gather in community, share ourselves and receive specific guidance to support your nervous system healing journey

A nervous system that can anchor in regulation provides the foundation for a healthy body and mind

This Program Is For People Who

  • Desire to create more access to regulation through their nervous system 
  • Want to receive regular support so that they can stay on track with their nervous system healing journey
  • Ready to do the incremental work of nervous system healing so they can see the big results in their lives

This Program Is Not For People Who

  • Want to work in a purely cognitive approach
  • Are currently in crisis
  • Can't commit to the time required to get the results they are longing for

What others are saying about working with me on previous iterations of this program

'Catherine's wisdom stretches far beyond the nervous system.

Fundamentally, she reminds us all what the felt sense is of being a human in a world of abundance, trust, slowness, and care. Any time I've been lucky enough to receive from her I've seen the changes in my life ripple out for the better.'

N. S - AIR student April 2024 

'This course felt like the important nuts and bolts that I needed to know to be able to really understand the nervous system. The practices are clear, simple and easy to incorporate into daily life. The course material in Thinkific is very clear and easy to navigate. I felt so much care, gentleness and support from Catherine, during the calls and in the Facebook group, and her answering of questions was very informed, insightful and so helpful.

I am slowly starting to integrate the awareness and practices into my every day, it feels it will take time and that's OK too. I don't feel as overwhelmed, I'm able to catch myself mid activation and breathe, press my feet into the floor, rest into my back. I've actually been able to even make some decisions that I had been really struggling with. The 6 week course flew by so quickly, but it has laid the foundations for me to continue on my own and Anchor into Regulation. Such deep gratitude for this important work in these turbulent times.

Lara - AIR student April 2024 

'Catherine Hale, I really love this course!

Thank you so much for providing so much information, all the audios, the Facebook group with your availability and the great calls.
I can really feel, that it is made with much love and care, attention and conceptualization and I really appreciate this. THANK YOU!'

K. O - AIR student April 2024

'Working with Catherine has been life-changing for me.

I have taken a huge step into understanding and helping myself through listening to my body and it's wisdom. And this has helped me to see where joy lies in my life, where I have gone off track, and how to remedy that, and which people around me can support me on my journey. Life changing, life affirming and essential work. I would love to explore further with her.'

— Georgina