About Catherine

Catherine Hale vaginal steaming

Hello I’m Catherine and thanks for visiting my website.

I work with women and where desired their partners too, weaving together a diverse range of traditions and practices. I work with you to guide you into embodied female empowerment, through somatic education in the territories of sexuality, trauma, and pelvic health care to restore a body ~ mind ~ spirit connection within.

I’m an explorer, forever curious about the world of body, mind and spirit.

Everything I offer is a reflection of my own personal and professional journey of recovering from sexual trauma and learning to navigate pelvic health challenges.

I wish I could have met someone like me when I started my healing journey.

Instead I’ve had a long walk to find the right professional support. I began, as many do with psychotherapy, trying to make sense of how I was feeling, and while I felt understood and supported, sex was the elephant in the room.  With this unspokeness it didn’t feel like a safe enough space to bring my full self into my healing journey.

I continued my pursuit and embarked upon a professional psychospiritual psychotherapy training, but again sex was nowhere to be seen. So began my quest for a space where sex could be talked about, healed, and even celebrated.

I discovered sexual healing in Tantra and Sexual Shamanism.

Finally I could bring more of myself to the healing arena, this was a time of massive relief and growth for me.

Boundaries, consent, and sex magic, began to be integrated. My sexual shame began to melt away, I felt freer, more connected to my body, and energetic orgasms flowed as I discovered the healing medicine of sexual energy.

I trained in Neo-Tantra, Sexual Shamanism, I became a Sexological Body worker.

Over time it felt like there was more of my body I could reclaim and my focus shifted to trauma healing.

I learned trauma-healing techniques, studied neuroscience and became a TRE practitioner (Trauma Release Exercises).

I understood that so many of the symptoms I have lived with for most of my life were a consequence of trauma!

Then came the journey of integrating trauma healing with sexuality. I recognised the need to adapt many of my sexuality teachings to resolve my trauma, the high-energy sexuality spaces I was used to became the slow and gentle trauma informed sexuality spaces where profound healing took place.

I learned that slow, consensual, touch, repeated over time created new retrievable memories where I could be present and safe.

Alongside the trauma and sexuality healing I developed pelvic health problems. Pelvic pain, bloating, irregular periods, and painful bleeds became my everyday experience.

My gynaecologist told me surgery was the only option, I didn’t believe him.

I felt let down by mainstream health care and once again I went on a mission to heal my pelvis as I sought wisdom from the worlds of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, plant medicine and other shamanic practices.

I trained in energy healing and scar tissue remediation.

I learned about the power of plants that grew wild in my garden and began making teas and tinctures, wild food became my everyday food.

I discovered the power of mixing herbs with steam and trained in vaginal steaming.

Over this time I've learned to treat my body holistically, I've adopted an approach of radical-self care through listening and attending to what it needs. When I pay attention I feel grounded, powerful and heartfelt. Everything I have learned so far has shown me that female empowerment is about awareness of the pelvis, our source of creation and cauldron of power, and by returning back home to this power crucible we have the power to create the lives we want.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to support women to come back home to the pelvis so they can be the most vibrant, powerful versions of themselves.

Over the last 6 years I’ve worked with hundreds of women supporting them to reclaim their sexuality, to reside in their pelvises, to step into their power and rediscover their joy for life. Every time I work with a women I feel really touched by their courage and commitment to heal.

I know what it takes to heal, because I’ve been there.

Which is why I wan to offer you everything I know so you don’t have to search for as long as I did!

I believe in you, you can do this, I’ll be there right by your side, every step of the way.

Blessings and love

Catherine x