A Trauma-Informed Approach to Life and Healing a conversation with Madalaine Munro – Podcast

What would a trauma-informed world look like? What if we could make the changes we really wanted to see in the world and in ourselves without burnout, exhaustion, and overexertion? Have a nourishing relationship with everyone and everything in our lives? Today my guest and one of the best trauma practitioners I know, Catherine Hale, talks to us about the importance of healing our physiology first before tackling the mind.
We touch on the differences between elemental, episodic, and developmental trauma, our experiences as babies (even the things we can’t remember!), and how feeling shame when our anticipation to change falls flat can all be traced back to a poorly regulated nervous system. It’s not your fault! We also talk about the destroying sense of urgency that is so prominent in our society right now, especially when it comes to the self-development world and how we should participate in these courses with a slow gentle, spacious approach instead of a rigid Bootcamp-like schedule.
We also discuss:
  • Meeting our edges and honouring our individual needs and choices to make extraordinary changes within ourselves
  • The magic of switching to an embodied way of living rather than a cognitive one
  • The trauma people in power are holding onto that’s stopping them from making real changes in our world
  • White fragility, recognising and owning the different parts we play in society
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