I'm Catherine Hale, Let Me Tell You a Little About Myself


Everything I share with you comes from the deep embodied place that I have landed in as a postmenopausal woman.

The offerings I have created for you, come from a broad range of teachings, traditions and practices, along with a rich life experience. Designed to anchor you into a more regulated nervous system so you can expand into receiving more through your business and life with more confidence, power and pleasure.


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My medicine is transformation

With it, I invite you to venture into a different world – where you discover an inner landscape of beauty and possibility, with places where you can both rest and be curious as you adventure into the forgotten realms of your soul and rediscover the wild landscaped truth of who you really are.

I guide you both gently and sustainably to facilitate change at the level of your heart, body, mind, soul and nervous system enabling you to find your way back home to your body and connecting you with your essential wholeness.



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We'll re-wild your spirit as you embody your power

You'll learn to live through the seasons of your life through somatic education and transformation in the territories of sexuality and trauma to restore a body ~ mind ~ spirit connection within and to reclaim your natural wild nature.

Through my work I address topics shrouded in taboo: trauma, sexuality, and menopause by bringing about both individual change and collective paradigm shifts through coaching, education, and leading conversations which invite new perspectives to root into the soil of our culture

Everything I offer is a reflection of my own personal and professional journey of recovering from sexual trauma, major life initiations and learning to navigate life in a female body.

I wish I could have met someone like me when I started my healing journey

Instead I’ve had a long walk to find the right professional support. I began, as many do with psychotherapy, trying to make sense of how I was feeling, and while I felt understood and supported, both sex and trauma were the elephants in the room. This unspokeness didn’t feel safe enough for me to bring my full self into my healing journey.

So I continued my pursuit and embarked upon a professional psychospiritual psychotherapy training, hoping that both sex and trauma could be held with the deep level of safety I longed for. But again these topics felt taboo so began my quest seeking for a space where sex could be talked about, healed, and even celebrated within a framework that could also hold trauma.

I discovered Tantra

Initially it felt like I'd found the holy grail of healing - I could bring more of myself to the arena, this was a time of sexual transformation and community growth.

Boundaries, consent, and erotic energy, began to be integrated in my being. My sexual shame began to melt away, I felt freer, more connected to my body, and energetic orgasms flowed as I discovered the healing medicine of sexual energy.

I trained in Tantra, Sexual Shamanism, I became a Sexological Body worker.

Catherine Hale - about me

Over time I recognised my soul was guiding me deeper

I'm a self confessed geek forever curious looking for new ideas and ways to heal - you can read more about my qualifications and experience here. I began to learn more about trauma. I discovered I didn't just have sexual trauma but developmental trauma, complex trauma, and shock trauma too. I was living my life in the easily triggered hell realms of PTSD and what I'd been trying just wasn't helping me find the resolution I so longed for.

I understood that so many of the symptoms I'd lived with for most of my life were a consequence of trauma!

A shift was needed in my healing - I needed to adapt many of my sexuality teachings to resolve my trauma. The high-energy sexuality spaces I was used to were too much for my dysregulated nervous system and I switched them for slow and gentle trauma informed spaces where profound healing took place.

I studied neuroscience - my book shelves were groaning under the weight - I became a Trauma Release Exercises practitioner (TRE) and trained to be a Trauma Resolution Coach and Guide.

I learned that my needs mattered, that healthy boundaries were essential and that being met with consistent reliable care created experiences where I could feel both connected and safe.

Life began to get a whole lot more fun - there was an emergent sweetness and simplicity as I stepped into my truth loving integrous Queen self.

At the same time I developed a cyst on my left ovary - I chose to go down the alternative route as the Western medical approach of surgery wasn't appealing. The cyst became my teacher and taught me that unresolved trauma manifests as symptoms in the body, and unresolved pelvic trauma manifests as chronic pelvic health issues - including menstruation challenges, pain, numbness, and unwanted growths such as fibroids.

I turned to both nature and trauma resolution practices. I learned about the power of plants that grew wild in my garden and began making teas and tinctures; wild food became my everyday food.



It can be easier to receive across your life, your business and your relationships, especially your money relationship.


By working with your nervous system you get to rewire your receiving story. In this version you get to embody receptivity without shame and guilt, without overworking, without compromising your health or adopting the strategies of burnout culture. 


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A short daily meditation to expand your wealth capacity so you can serve from a full cup


  • Reconnect with your healthy money blueprint so you can transform over giving and undercharging
  • Anchor your future money relationship into your nervous system from a place of relaxation so you can feel safe to expand your money capacity

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I discovered the power of mixing herbs with steam and trained in vaginal steaming.

I healed my body - and slowly and incrementally shifted from surviving to thriving in my life.

Then menopause arrived like an unexpected visitor.

Leading me into the darkest corners of my soul and revealing the most secret hiding places of the trauma I'd not yet touched. I've been led deep into the bowels of the alchemical fires of menopause - I've been scorched, initiated and transformed beyond what I knew was possible.

Through my healing journey I've discovered myself as woman who doesn't take sh*t, who loves life, who has a deep love and respect for the Earth and is on a mission to re-wild fragmented landscapes in both people and places. I've discovered myself as a business woman running a successful coaching practice, sharing my wise woman medicine and training others to become the trauma informed practitioners of the future.

In the midst of the worst of my PTSD I never would have thought this possible. Not in a million years.

I know what it takes to heal, because I’ve been there.

Over the last 9 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people supporting them to shift their lives from surviving to thriving. They've claimed back their worthiness, their power, their boundaries, their joy, their pleasure, their innate medicine, their capacity to love and be loved. Their professional lives have transformed, they know themselves as wisdom keepers, and powerful creators of the new emergent paradigm of co-creative living and loving in regenerative ways on planet earth.

Every person I support to take one step at a time out of her trauma spell and back into a thriving life is an honour and privilege - I love what I do and feel blessed to be sharing my medicine with the world.

I want to offer you everything I know so you don’t have to search for it for as long as I did!

If I can do it - so can you - I believe in you - we can do it together, I’ll be there right by your side, every step of the way as you take one doable step at a time.

With love

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